GreenRiver FS17 V2.0.0.3

Thanks to the success of the GreenRiver card in Farming Simulator 15, thanks to all of you, Bart decided to move the card to Farming Simulator 17.
In the GreenRiver card you can decide what you want to do, you can take care of animals,
Being an agricultural farmer, or you can go out into the forest part of the map, it all depends on you!

We hope that you will like the map, and you can leave us your feedback if you have any problems or if you have any ideas for the map.
Additional notice, all lights are automatically turned on at 21:00, you do not need to turn it on. We also added a feed mixer, you can find it from the contractor. You do not need an additional mod for the mixfeeder, which I included in the map.
Additional notice. For an alternative link, registration is not required.

What you can find on the map,
The main farm with cows, sheep, chickens.
Pig farm.
Biogas plant.
A contractor where you can also store the harvest.
Car workshop.
Several farms, the Ballon Tree, the Black Hall and the Druitons, where you can sell your crops and eggs.
Where you can buy and sell cows, sheep and pigs.
Allgreen Energy, where you can sell wood chips, trees and wooden boards.
Dairy factory where you can sell your milk
Sawmill, where you can bring trees to make wooden boards.
A garden area where you can buy trees and sell manure and liquid manure.
Great forest area.
More than 160 acres of fields!

Wheat, Hardly, Canola, Sunflower, Soybean, Mai, Oil Dry potatoes, Sugar beet, Poplar.

ChangeLog V2.0.0.2
A new saving is required!

Added compostMaster.
Added pigFoodStar.
Added Fliegl Biomat.
Added store GDR Store Grain Store with lighting.
The AdditionalTriggers script was updated.
Updated script FabrikScript.
The FarmSilo script has been updated.
The MilkFillTrigger script has been updated.
The MilkSellTrigger script was updated.
Added a new store trigger.
The map01.xml file has been updated.
Fixed FarmSilo.
Fixed a frozen cow.
Fix contamination of pigs.
Improved the creation of pigs.
Other improvements.

Required Fashion:
Chopped straw.
Universal packaging Kotte.
For an alternative link, registration is not required.

NLD Farmers map by Bart, Richard, markkerkhof346, Jaguar95, Modding Welt, Giants, CebuljCek, Mythic Modding, bluebaby210, Vertexdezign, Katsuo, Dutch Agricultural Modelling, steffen30Muc, Buschi, Xentro, Fatian, CHRIS1988, Eifok Team, ReFFarmer, Fatian, Marhu, Luxfarm, Steffen30muc, Nick98.1, rafftnix, BM Modding, fruktor, fendt2000, MadMax, GoldFox, Marhu, Farmer_Andy, RC-Devil, mkausen, bluebaby210, manni_112, softfox, Xentro, m4ppj3cts, Fendtfan1, Niggels, fqC Art., CosmicHD, Desperados93, kingkalle - Team LTW, Mario (DTP), Dorset, Fullpowershift, Perso (JLP75, Eribus), Wobster, Farmer Andy, Ifkonator. Kevink98 (Script), Fasi (Bretterpaletten), El_Cid (Gebäude), Giants (Palette). Special thanks: GTX Mods for the FS17 mix-feeder parts. And Marhu and kevink98 for the Fabrik Script. Commendation: Marhu and Farmer Andy for original Idea FS13 and FS15. Special thanks: Niggels - for the lights and other objects.

Please contact our administration if you want to report this mod.

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