FS17 Stappenbach V1.0

One of the most successful cards of FS15 returns on your screens!
"Stappenbach in Oberfranken 17"
A multi-purpose map, which now has newly designed forest areas
and almost completely new textures made by Eribus (ForgottenPlants).
As you know in the past, you can choose from different farms and choose your favorite farm.

You and your friends can work together or everyone at ease when playing a multiplayer game.
Besides the standard animals (cows, pigs and sheep), you will find pork
and breeding of the Farms cows as an option for the standard game.

Today, modern biogas plants are also indispensable and can be found on the map.

You can also find a fair number of fields in almost an almost exact replica
of the real life area Stappenbach in the game.

In the 2017 version of the card, you have the possibility to connect fields
and meadows so you can use big equipment if that's what you like to do.

Be inspired by the extraordinary talent of a real replica of the
Area around Stappenbach in Oberfranken.

Enjoy! - The LS-Modcompany
This card includes some mods:
-Additional options when placing a placeable object from the store. This script disables the collision so that you can place it anywhere.
You can also change the height of the placable (Keyboards in the F1 menu)
-Visual Mod for objects and productions
-Because the textures of the tree are different on the Stappenbach, this mod was included in the map
-Mini Van (Transit):
-It is the transit of Giants Modhub that has been modulated and it is your vehicle of departure on each farm
The use of these Scripts and Mods with other Maps will not be tolerated, they are protected by a Creative Commons license.

LS-Modcompany - k1ckz/kevink98/Eribus/slowtide63

Please contact our administration if you want to report this mod.

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